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The Company Quand les Moules auront des Dents was born of a serious desire not to take oneself too seriously, in order to have a seriously good laugh. Our motto: with a certain dose of absurdity, you can move mountains. The members of the company operate in a collegiate form, only taking joint decisions. It was therefore quite seriously that the team of Quand les Moules auront des Dents opted for a type of street performing that would be absurd and committed. The company counteracts the world’s absurdity with a good dose of humour, hoping to meet the public in the most absurd possible way, and to seriously prompt them to share and help each other, just for the time of a laugh.

The Compagnie Quand les Moules ont des Dents likes to create shows for the street or for the hall, intended for the greatest number while inviting the public into an intimate, close dimension. Our shows borrow from gestural theatre, the clown, the jester, the masked theater and the puppet. We are committed to creating visual forms, often in the economy of words, but always with a deep subject.

The artistic direction of the company is ensured by Adèle Michel and Camille Moukli-Perez, who have been creating together since 2015. The first show of the Company "Germaine et Germaine" totals more than 200 performances and won the Public Prize at the Mimos Festival in 2016. We experiment with several forms and do not impose limits.


We do not wish to create at all costs a coherence of form between our shows, only the precision of the game and the emotions provoked matter to us. Above all, we want to talk about humanity. We like to embody characters: the old, the neglected, the wicked, the filthy, the powerful, the tender... Our raw material is the human being, which we inspect, which we dissect. Our essential ingredient: laughter. We like to shift reality, twist it and caricature it to the point of absurdity. Laughter is our machine for de-dramatizing life, for making fears bearable. He is our filter to see the little details that make life precious.

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