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A gestural and farcical double-act by two grannies and their Bench.

Public's Award Winner MIMOS OFF 2016



PUBLIC : about 500 people

Compagnie Quand les Moules auront des Dents

"There is the town, the street, the bench and two old ladies killing time.

Never where we expect them to be, sometimes mischievous, often irreverent, always playful, these two grannies who are both a little sadistic and full of humour give us their vision, sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel and caustic, of the world surrounding them. Impish and slightly crazy, those two take us to their burlesque and absurd world where old age gets played and unplayed.

Germaine and Germaine make fun of us, but it is in order to laugh even better at everything! With hardly any words, they nurture their eccentricity like a treasure and lead an invisible war against boredom and time that flies by, and against death getting closer.

Germaine and Germaine act like a remedy against solitude and general indifference. A spicy and refreshing spoonful of medicine, swallowed in no time, which eventually reminds us that from the bottom of our loneliness, it is good to meet others, to laugh and to share."

2019-09-01-Les Germaines-Photo-Alain-Dou
© Alain Douce

Creation and acting : Camille Moukli-Perez and Adèle Michel

External input and advice : Juliette Grammatico and Brian Henninot

Distribution manager : Les Arts Marsaud – Sarah M.L.

Distribution Manager

Julien Versange :

06 41 97 18 55 -

Compagnie Quand les Moules auront des Dents

Partners :

L’école de clown du Samovar (Bagnolet, 93), La Compagnie du bout du Nez (Moissac, 82),

Collectif Curry Vavart (Paris, 75), La Cale (Cognac, 16), La Grange Théâtre (Thourie, 35),  La Cie des 3 Valoches (Bazouges-la-Pérouse, 35), Les Abattoirs (Rioms - 63), La Bertoche (Le Mans, 72).


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