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                                 is a little thing with the face of a failed newborn: protruding ears, eyes sunken in orbit, a wonky nose and a rubbish mouth. Small, dull, with crusty skin. An expert in crack and junk, thinks she knows everything about everything.

Crâsse is the born-abandoner, the eternal cruel child. It's the ugly but also the teaser, the joker.
Crâsse seeks to "be a family" at any cost! And it's a family story that will be written with the public.


Because today is THE day, parents' day! THE day when Crâsse will be able to adopt new ones, brand
new ones! But fear not parents, Crâsse wouldn't hurt a fly. She will know how to love you... as she
loved those before…

Crédit photo Gauthier.jpg


Création 2023
PUBLIC : All public from 6 years old
DURATION : 45 mins
about 500 people


Creation and acting : Camille Moukli Perez

Outside view : Adèle Michel

Creation of the "decors". : Florence Garcia

Engineer : Adèle Michel / Marine Dubruque

Distribution manager : Alice - Jaspir Prod

Photographs : Claudine Julien and Gauthier


Les Abattoirs (FR), Le Samovar (FR), Les Renc'Arts (FR)


Le Samovar (Bagnolet, 93), La Bertoche (Le Mans, 72), La Factorie (Val de Reuil, 27), Aire de Cirque (Dolus d'Oléron, 17), le Théâtre du Fon du loup (Carves, 24), the city of Billom (63), La Cale (Cognac, 16), Le SAX (78).

This project was initiated in January 2016 at the Samovar School as part of the Year of Creation.

Distribution Manager

Jaspir Prod - Alice

+33 (0) 7 78 12 17 31

Compagnie Quand les Moules auront des Dents
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